Welcome, Adobe InDesign XML Integration, JDF format XML

Hello, this site is all about using XML in the graphic arts. I will be posting many links, articles, and tutorials regarding the use of XML in the graphic arts and prepress. This site will not be entirely Adobe InDesign related but since Adobe InDesign CS2 has such good integration to XML format, it is a strong tool.

Now in it's version 4, Adobe InDesign, now called Adobe InDesign CS2 has supported XML extensively since version 2.0. Adobe InDesign CS2 Supports Generalized XML Import/Export and the Extensible Metadata Platform. Publishers, Printers, and Designers can now layout in InDesign, tag the content, and export an XML file for integration into different systems and desired processes. The biggest use lately has been in the realm of Variable data Printing (VDP) and or One to One marketing with digital printing and direct mail campaigns.

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Adobe Indesign at Prepress Trade Search
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Creo Upfront, Preps Impositions and JDF Export capability?
We have CSRs and Job Planners using Creo Upfront to select job templates and layouts for EPP to start out with. I am trying to determine what layout info can be exported from Creo Upfront in JDF. I have a screen shot of 3.0 attached here that says there is JDF Export capability. This is not necessarily a JDF imposition export?? But, I'm not sure if this is enough to specify a layout in JDF, The Menu of Upfront 3.0 Export Reads…


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